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    • Program, BEAR Day 2013 

      Mercer University (2014-01-27)
    • Program, BEAR Day 2011 

      Mercer University (2014-01-27)
    • The Republican in Plato's Republic: Condoleezza Rice as the Philosopher King 

      Trice, Ethan (2014-01-27)
      Plato's Republic is a fundamental piece of political philosophy which discusses an ideal city run by Philosopher Kings. Though an old treatise, The Republic still has value today for giving advice to potential leaders. ...
    • Program, BEAR Day 2012 

      Mercer University (2014-01-27)
    • Program, BEAR Day 2014 

      Mercer University (2014-04-11)
    • Program, BEAR Day 2015 

      Mercer University (2015-04-14)
    • Program, BEAR Day 2016 

      Mercer University (2016-04)
    • Program, BEAR Day 2017 

      Mercer University (2017-04)
    • Program, BEAR Day 2018 

      Mercer University (Mercer University, 2018-04-05)
    • Off-Road Vehicle Modifications 

      Sabrina Mahnke; Sarah Earnesty; Christopher Shirk
      The Mercer University School of Engineering (MUSE) constructed a two-seat all-terrain vehicle as a display vehicle that is driven and displayed at Mercer University events to showcase the MUSE. The MUSE building superintendent ...
    • Novel Mobility Aid for Geriatric Patients with Impaired Upper Extremities 

      Sarah Delanie Lynch; Joseph Preziosi
      A universal walker with more adjustability and spring-compression handles was designed, built, and tested using EMG analyses. The goal of the walker is to assist elderly patients suffering from upper extremity weakness in ...
    • Lead (Pb) Sampling and Analysis in Low-Income Residential Communities 

      Luke McBrayer
      Through sampling and analysis of Pb concentrations in airborne and settled dust, this project will provide both a qualitative and quantitative study of Pb pollution in low-income residential communities.
    • Production Improvement for Touch3D Yearbook 

      Ishan Patel; Austin Sewell; Caleb Brown
      In the Spring of 2020, for the third consecutive year, the Touch3D team at Mercer will provide a 3-Dimensional Yearbook for the graduating seniors at the Georgia Academy for the Blind. The process of producing this yearbook ...
    • Finger Force Required Versus Perceived Force Study 

      Adam Gracyalny; Dylan Loggins
      Overall, this study investigates the correlation between actual force versus perceived force and the effect of the person’s age and height on the force applied.
    • Erosion Testing 

      Benjamin Pollard
      This project mainly deals with the study of particle impact erosion.
    • GoBabyGo on the Go 

      Shon Hoberg
      Developing GoBabyGo vehicles that can be taken on MOM trips.
    • BEAR Day 2020 

      Emily Stradling
      Student Program Design
    • BEAR Day 2020 

      Lydreyah Simmons
      Student Program Design
    • Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks to Reconstruct Cosmic Ray Events 

      Tyler Sledge
      The goal of this study to evaluate and assess the use of Convolutional Neural Networks in the reconstruction of Cosmic Ray Events.
    • 10x10 Array of Stimulating Electrode 

      Kimberly Gessner; Joshua Dupaty; Rachel Burns
      A senior design project focused on the development of a wearable electrode array to be used as a sensory substitution device.