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    • Portable Solar Panel for Military Use 

      Logan Bradford; Michael Quinn; Will McCarthy
      Portable solar charging system for military applications.
    • Smart Automatic Door Poster 

      Eric Wiley; Regan Hinman; Connor Herne
      This is the poster for the Smart Automatic Door Senior Design project completed by Eric Wiley, Connor Herne, and Regan Hinman in Spring of 2020.
    • PID-Controlled Electric Kiln 

      Jacob L Sokolove; Jonathan Wood; John Rightmyer
      The client requests that an electric kiln be designed such that a variety of metals can be heat-treated in a safe, automated, and efficient system. This poster covers the design process for the kiln.
    • Seismic Water Depth Meter 

      Ariel Dornisch; Gabrielle Sims; Timothy Hood
      A low cost seismograph that can detect the depth of groundwater.
    • Brazing Cell Workstation Layout Redesign and Jig Construction 

      Miles Lewis; Jared Williamson; Ben Myers
      The brazing cell layout at Marvair was redesigned to be more ergonomic and improve the flow through the workspace. An improved jig was also designed to reduce process variation and improve ease of use.
    • Multi-Sensor Measurement Device 

      Michael Marcoux; Ty McLemore; Andrew Deloach
      Our goal for this project is to deliver a portable device that measures pressure, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity.
    • Universal Prosthetic for Forefoot Amputations 

      Zach Brumbalow; Caleb Thompson
      In this project I designed and built a universal prosthetic for patients with forefoot amputations.
    • Pediatric Drop Foot Brace 

      Blair Gatland; Joseph Preziosi; Courtney Ton-Nu
      The teams goal is to make a lightweight brace that is durable, inexpensive, and can be used for a longer period of time.
    • Sequencing Batch Reactor 

      Nicholas Riddell; Yu Binn Lim; Sebastian Sanchez-Lara
      A sequencing batch reactor is a way to treat wastewater. This documents the bulilding and tesing of one.
    • Z Beans Scheduling Application 

      Blair Gatland; Alexandra Frink; Nicholas Rogie
      Currently, the Z Beans employee schedule is manually entered by the manager using Google Sheets. The team created a suggestive scheduling algorithm to improve the efficiency and ease of use of scheduling employees at Z Beans.
    • Optimizing Home Energy Efficiency and Solar Power 

      Michelle Graham; Alviez Chagan
      Implementation and investigation of low-cost solar energy in middle- to low-income communities.
    • Marvair Line 1 Redesign 

      Brandi Lewis; Michael Cosby; Tayla Scott
      In order to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of assembly Line 1 at Marvair, an HVAC manufacturer, our senior design team developed a recommendation plan for the company to improve the line.
    • Functional Pediatric Prosthetic Hand 

      Kayla Mamrick; Spencer Laue
      Advised by Dr. Vo, we have been working to design a pediatric prosthetic hand that features a full five-finger range of motion to be used on the MOM to Vietnam.
    • Thermal Conductivity Apparatus 

      Dazia Enriquez; Justin Theophile; Jahari Moore
      The goal of this project is to provide our client with an apparatus that will accurately measure the thermal conductivity of different materials while minimizing the heat loss from the system.
    • Data-driven Control Theory & Application 

      Maison Clouatre
      A short visual summary of recent theoretical and analytic results produced from a thorough study of data-driven control theory and its applications.
    • Technical Mentorship of FIRST Tech Challenge Team 

      Harrison Verhine
      Mercer undergraduates formed and mentored a robotics team comprised of high school students from the Macon area.
    • Photopolymer suitability for a 3D printed model of the bile ducts 

      Nicholas Faist; Leia Troop
      Material characterization of different commercially available photopolymers to be used in an in vitro model of the extrahepatic billiary ducts. For use in rapid stent prototype evaluation.
    • The Design and Application of a Flow Chamber to Study Leukocyte Migration In Vitro 

      Madison Judd; Blake Chester; Connor Reed
      Our team (Blake Chester, Madison Judd, Connor Reed) were tasked by Dr. Alireza Sarvestani to design and build a flow chamber device to study the effect the endothelial cell wall rigidity has on leukocyte migration.
    • Spinal Decompression Apparatus 

      Connor Kozma; Diogo Avila; Drew Ferrara
      This project is a prototype that promotes automated, non-surgical spinal decompression for spinal-related ailment for the Vietnamese population.
    • Wheel Hub Redesign and Implementation of Speedometer on the Off Road Vehicle 

      Jonathan Ely; Jordan Mangham
      Senior Design project centered around redesigning the wheel hubs and implementing a speedometer onto the MUSE off-road vehicle.